Friday, June 11, 2010

Eurema nise

Still Flutters
written 06/11/2010

The Mimosa Yellow butterfly lies on the ground
Like a bit of pale yellow tissue paper
Caught among the blades
Of grass,
Alive, yet still,
Like thoughts of you,
It entered my day
Beautiful, delicate, and natural.
Just like you-
Your heart-
It is an untouchable thing.
As much as I may want to,
I cannot hold you.
I can only hold
Onto my thoughts,
Memories, and
Deep wishes.
The wings of the butterfly
Gently flutter
As you once made my heart flutter
With a single kiss-
A final, unrequited kiss
That still flutters.
My heart lies.
On the ground, like a Mimosa Yellow butterfly-
I am still.
Caught among the blades-
Alive, yet still.


It's been a long while since I've written any poetry or at the very least since I shared any... Ignore or be kind, please. :)

5:28 am
written 05/31/2010

I awake to you-
Not next to me,
But ingrained in my mind-
With me, but not with me.
I rise.
My thoughts of you rise
Like the Sun in the East-
As natural as a breath,
As steady as a heartbeat,
My thoughts of you,
Giving life
To my passion,
Awaking my brain.
Electric with possibility,
We live-
If only within me-
Souls expanding with experiences-
Our energy a beautiful positivity.
A beautiful secret
Not fully known even to we two.
We two,
As two,
Can, too,

Monday, March 15, 2010

The DiVA Diaries

Beginning my journey into the Blogosphere has been a long time coming.

Sure, this blog is for me-an outlet to vent, to muse, to rant and release. But it is more than that. It is, from time to time, a way for me to give insight into my life to those who might find it interesting, or at least amusing.

Even the darkest, saddest, and most serious of subjects can be ridiculously hilarious if the story is told right.

So, beginning now(ish), and from here on out (well, whenever I feel like it or get around to it), here will be my written contribution to feed our shared "fascination of the abomination."

Let the DiVA Diaries begin...