Friday, June 11, 2010

Eurema nise

Still Flutters
written 06/11/2010

The Mimosa Yellow butterfly lies on the ground
Like a bit of pale yellow tissue paper
Caught among the blades
Of grass,
Alive, yet still,
Like thoughts of you,
It entered my day
Beautiful, delicate, and natural.
Just like you-
Your heart-
It is an untouchable thing.
As much as I may want to,
I cannot hold you.
I can only hold
Onto my thoughts,
Memories, and
Deep wishes.
The wings of the butterfly
Gently flutter
As you once made my heart flutter
With a single kiss-
A final, unrequited kiss
That still flutters.
My heart lies.
On the ground, like a Mimosa Yellow butterfly-
I am still.
Caught among the blades-
Alive, yet still.

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