Monday, June 20, 2011

Fear of the Unkown (Becoming Known)

100 lines worth crossing
Your mind

Scared of Safety

for 06/15/2011

Newly old dates

Carrying new weight
New thoughts
Old emotions

Hating the fear
The fear that seemed to be overcome
This same day
Years ago.

Now a new yet familiar
Voyage to Atlantis.

Fresh and new
Refreshing; I knew

Away (it went)
Walls down,
Seeing clearly for the second time, but
New fogs lifted.
(I knew fogs lifted)
Old pains healed by seeing through new panes.

You know me because
You know You.

Your soft touches like
New blood running through my veins
Creating my heartbeat
Anew with each moment.
With You

Each word is like
My unconscious thoughts awakening,
Spoken through Your lips.

Once bitten, but twice shy,
Somehow I am twice bitten but
Somehow not shy.
Not shying away from excellence
The possibility of
Light and love and laughter;
It is not You I am afraid of.
You I trust.

I fear how real this is-
How real it could be-
How reality could be
So much better than
I forgot was possible.
All the tears
Are nothing compared to

This feeling-
This wonderment
(Wonderful wondering).

Isn't this what We all
Yearn for?
I've learned not to run from safety.
I've learned how wild safety can be-
How safe the wild can be.
I don't have to live on hope
With You.
I can live-
Simply live.
Simply be.

You've told me.
You're scared.
Scared of my safety or
Scared of my threat is
The real question.
Will You be happier
If You don't discover
The answer?
I won't.
Only You know.

So I bare myself
I'm on the line
The thin line between
Love (only love) and
Hate (of the unknown,
Of possibilities so great-
So perfect or
So disastrous).

Your heart
Is as safe
In my hands as it
Is in Your chest.
Love should only ever
Expand your life.
Expand your soul.
I can't limit You.
I can't limit me.
I can't limit Us.

You know me because
You know You.
Each note we hear-
Each chord-
No discord, but
Beautiful dissonance.
You love unresolved resolution.
The unanswered possibility.
Will this be music
(You cover my eyes for)?

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